"The combination of Kenny's knowledge regarding sports-specific training and biomechanics of the body are a perfect pairing for the amateur or serious athlete." -  Marcey Rader, Certified Personal Trainer, Endurance Coach, Certified Productive Environment Specialist  


meet the therapist

Kenny Roby, LMBT NC License #11458

"I’ve had a lot of massages before, but not to the extent that I have had with Kenny.  Before each session, he takes the time to talk about any issues or areas of concern I may be having.  We also discuss any upcoming races or events I am focusing on.  This allows him to concentrate on the specific areas.  His attention to detail and “digging deep” has helped me tremendously with some re-occurring injuries. Thanks Kenny!" -  Beth H., competitive runner, cyclist, triathlete



Kenny Roby is a talented and invested massage and bodywork therapist who is licensed by the State of North Carolina. He graduated from The Medical Arts School in Raleigh, NC at the top of his class. He specializes in working with clients who are active either as athletes or in their daily lives and as well with clients who are dealing with chronic or acute pain and injuries. Expect to be involved in your session with Kenny! His aim is not only to assess your problem areas and to help you with your goals by working with you on the table but also to educate you on self-care to help you perform better in your sport and your day to day routines. Generally you will not receive one specific type of massage when your are visiting Active. We will use the techniques we feel necessary to help you with your goals. This may include, deep swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, a multitude of assisted stretches and many other techniques. Let us help you better yourself! 

“As an avid runner, the years of training and running marathons felt like they were beginning to take their toll. Using a combination of massage and stretching, Kenny was able to provide immediate relief and, more importantly, he offered tools and ideas for ways that I could independently work on these areas between scheduled sessions in order to maximize the benefits of the massage work and stretching.  Kenny is extremely knowledgeable, patient and is passionate about his vocation. I would definitely recommend him!”

- Stephanie K, Boston Marathon Qualifier and Veteran Marathoner

- Massage Therapist for City of Oaks Marathon

- Massage Therapist for Tobacco Road Marathon

- Massage Therapist For Livestrong Velo 4 Yellow Cycling Event and Ride

- Sponsor of Sanderson High School Athletic Club

- Sponsor of Sanderson High School Baseball Program

- Works with elite and recreational cyclists, marathon runners,

  adventure racers, baseball players and many other athletes